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Education Fever in Korea Vdeo

Award-winning documentary by Judy Suh captures intense life of a high school student preparing for college entrance exam in Korea.

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In high definition.

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If the World Were a Village

If the World Were a Village offers a unique and objective resource. By exploring the lives of the 100 villagers, children will discover that life in other nations is often very different from their own. Available in English, Spanish and French and multilingual versions.
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Families of the World Video Series

Discontinued. Experience the everyday lives of two families - usually an urban and a rural family - from a child's perspective. Many interesting facts about various countries are presented from realistic viewpoints.

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Worlds Together Video Series



Take a journey on the road less traveled. These fascinating documentaries by Elmer Hawkes introduce you to the land's culture, history, food, geography, and people.
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Watch and Learn Chinese

Learn over 40 different Chinese words and phrases for everyday conversation. From a friendly "ni hao" to discovering the names for fruits, animals, and colors, children will enjoy learning Chinese with Jade again and again.
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Going to School in India

How do children go to school in India? A former teacher, Lisa Heydlauff,
to go to India and create award-winning DVD to inspire children to go to school. All royalty proceeds go back to Going to School, a non-profit organizationand delivers books to schools in India.

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After School Chinese DVD

After School Chinese



After School Chinese
DVD series, developed by CCTV, aims to teach children aged from 8 - 12, how to speak conversational Mandarin Chinese.

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My Brown Eyes Video/DVD

The story of an immigrant boy's first day at school in America. This film not only heightens awareness, but captures hearts and forever impacts his audience.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

An Activity Book is a fun-filled craft, activity and resource book for the Chinese New Year.

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BookBox DVD

BookBox DVD helps children develop reading skillsand helps one become bilingual through second language acquisition. Scientyifically proven to work!.

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Mandarin Chinese for Children

-Let's Sing Mandarin
Book & CD Set
-Big Apple Reader Series
-The Long Haired Cat (Teaches Pinyin)
This special series for American students to learn Chinese has been developed by a teacher and classroom tested at the Singapore American school. For age 3-8. Written in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English translation is on the back.

Hmong Picture Dictionary

Hmong Picture Dictionary

Hmong Picture Dictionary by Mao Yang-Lee addresses the need of the
Hmong families to learn English as well as that of young Hmong to learn their heritage language.

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Sing and Learn Series

The Sing 'n Learn series gives children a head start in learning another language. Using familiar melodies to teach basic vocabulary each book contains lyrics in a foreign language, pronunciation, and English Translation and comes with a CD.
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Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You is great for Father's Day, bed time story. The much-loved classic children's book now available in Arabic and Chinese. Korean and Vietnamese are sold out.

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Bilingual Posters

Eye catching and brightly-colored posters teach 50 body parts and five senses. Laminated on both sides for durability.

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Embossed Seals

Make your own cards or bookmarks with these stick-on embossed foil seals.

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Fun with Chinese Characters

Fun with Chinese Characters illustrates the simplicity of the Chinese written language using cartoons to explain the origin of the most commonly used words.

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